What does Cheryl make of One Direction’s break then? She thinks it’s a good idea.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has been chatting about One Direction’s hiatus and said that she thinks it’s quite a good idea, and that without it the boys would “go mad.”

This is not a good look. Not even for 1D.

And if anybody should know, surely it’s Cheryl? She was in a reality TV band herself remember.

“I completely understand, coming from a girl group. It was seven years before we took a break. We weren’t working as intensely or as hard as 1D but it is essential for your sanity.”

“They were young boys when we found them, they are young men now and need to find their own way. It’s crucial for them to do that now, or you can go mad,” she continued.

But they’re travelling the world, they shouldn’t be moaning should they?

“People think ‘don’t moan, you’re travelling the world’ but the truth is you are looking out from a hotel balcony to an arena backstage.”

Well, that’s shut us up.

Thanks for your opinion Cheryl, you know what, we think we agree with you.

Do you agree with Chez-Fez-Vez? Let us know over on @maximumpop.

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