Listen: Cheryl is back with ‘I Don’t Care’ (D’you love it?)

HOWAYYYYYYY! The artist formerly known as Cheryl Cole formerly formerly known as Cheryl formerly formerly formerly known as Cheryl Cole formerly formerly formerly formerly known as Cheryl Tweedy but now known as Cheryl has unleashed her new single today – and as a warning, it’s got a few f-bombs.

Carry on reading for our first impressions, pet.

The first thing that strikes us is how eighties and pop this is. Solo Cheryl has usually straddled between the R&B and Dance ends of the pop pool but this is as unashamedly as pure pop as some of Girls Aloud’s stuff – which is why loved them in the first place.

The production is catchy in a sort of Aloud/Robyn way, but not nearly as good. Not as bad as those dodgy karaoke versions you see popping up on iTunes but you’d think with one of Britain’s biggest popstars they could afford some super Swede producer to come in and throw some stardust on it. Having said that, tinny cheap production didn’t stop ‘Promise This’ from being a tune.

We’re loving Cheryl’s vocals on the verses, she’s usually pretty good as doing these because her strength is singing lower (except when she strains in the verses of ‘Crazy Stupid Love’). The vocals are a bit more wobbly on the chorus, which doesn’t help that it’s not as catchy as we wanted, but give it time it might sink in.

That middle 8 is so Kylie, we can really imagine her singing it in her heavenly coo. We know Kylie recorded a version of ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ and now we’ve got another Cheryl song we want to hear a Minogue version of.

The swearing sounds natural rather than forced, which is a good thing if you really have to have it in there. Luckily there’s a censored version you can play when the family around.

It is nice to see Cheryl do a full out-and-out pop song though, songs like this aren’t setting the charts alight currently (sadface) so well done lass for flying the flag.

As far as Cheryl’s second singles from albums goes we’d rank them:

‘3 Words’ >>>>>>>>> ‘I Don’t Care’ >>>> ‘Under the Sun’ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ‘The Flood’

Here’s one of our favourite Cheryl moments ever (we may do a top ten actually one day)

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