We have a chinwag with Chasing Midnight about their sound, first concerts and dogs!

Chasing Midnight are a four piece band who hail from London and are made up from Heather, Dan, Greg and JJ. Read our super serious interview below and get to know them better, they’re going to be maaaaaassive.

Hey guys! How are you?
Hello! We are well!

Good to know! How did you first get together? 
We first got together during summer last year. JJ was in a band that had just split up and Dan & Greg had been writing with Heather for a while (the 3 live together). We all went to secondary school together so we got in touch with JJ because A) he’s a mate and B) we wanted him to join in with our writing – it was fun! After we wrote some songs together we decided as the whole thing came from us, it would only make sense that the songs were performed by us too. And so Chasing Midnight – the group – was made.

How would you describe your sound?
We’d currently describe our sound as housey beats over commercial/ pop melodies. We say “currently” because we like to explore sub genres within our production. We’re producing everything ourselves right now so we love having that creative freedom. As the band develops we feel the sound will too. We write ballads as well for crying out loud!

Who are your music influences?
We all grew up listening to our parents! Until we grew old enough to rebel and have our own tastes, haha! When we got to secondary school whatever was being bluetoothed around at the time influenced us.

We love the look of your fashion sense! Who would you say influences your style?
Heather: I really love Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s clothing Line and their style they always look amazing! I also love looking at what people wear at Coachella and summer festivals!
Boys: We work on a first to wake up gets first pick of an outfit.
First up… Best dressed! We share the lot! Haha! Lots of influences, We turn up to ALL the fashion weeks. We just can’t get past security… so window shopping it is!  (we’re absolutely kidding)

What is something we absolutely need to know about you?
Something you probably should know is we’re a band of dog lovers. We all have one except for Greg. Thinking about it though 4 dogs in the flat would be a bit extreme.
Greg: Don’t even think about it.

If you could work with any artist in the world, who would it be and why?
I mean Chasing Midnight have always had a lot of love for Ed Sheeran.  He’s just got a magic about him jeeeeez Fantastic songwriter!

Who was the first person/act you each saw in concert?
The first people we saw in concert were JJ: Mcfly Heather: Miley Cyrus  Dan: Some Welsh rock band Greg: Peter Andre

What are your biggest dreams for the band?
The biggest dream we’d probably hope for the band is to be able to do it full time with the best equipment we can get our hands on. We’re working in our living room producing our songs. It’s not ideal but we love making music, so professional studios and showing our songs to as many people as possible! ?

You can check out Chasing Midnight on YouTube and follow them on Twitter!

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