Charlie Simpson pays himself NOT to be in McBusted. Pop Bits.

POP BITS. The fantastically-eyebrowed Charlie Simpson WON’T be joining his former bandmates on the McBusted supergroup tour, as we reported when we gave you all the goss from their press conference. Now comes another twist in the tale – he’s paying himself not to be there.

What kind of deal is that? we hear you cry. Can we all now get paid for NOT going to work? Can we nail a hat-trick of A-grades by NOT going to school? Well, not quite. The reason Charlie is pocketing some serious dollar for his no-show is because he owns a bit of the Busted name and, according to Heat magazine, felt it was only fair that the lads bought his share from him before bringing Busted back. It’s all a bit businessy, isn’t it? We kind of get it, but that’s What We Went To School For.

So, in short: Charlie won’t be Crashing The Wedding, he’s made sure it’s All About Him and will end up with a few more than Five Dollars In His Hair. If people kept money in their hair, that is. That would be a bit weird, wouldn’t it? POP BITS OUT.

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