Charlie Puth. Why do you recognise that name? Find out why and a whole lot more here.

We know that some of you will be racking your brains over who Charlie Puth may be, some of you might already know, some of you might not even care (you should). We’ll put you out of you misery right now, shall we? Charlie Puth is the guest vocalist on Wiz Khalifa’s totes mosh Fast & Furious track ‘See You Again’ which hit number one earlier this year. You know who he is now, don’t you?


So now we’ve established that Charlie’s the lad on ‘See You Again’ we all want to know what else he does, don’t we? Well, allow us to enlighten you. Mr. Puth (it’s pronounced ‘Pooth’ in case you were wondering) is signed to Atlantic Records alongside Bruno Mars, Cody Simpson and Jason Derulo. Can we get an ‘Oooooooh’?

And now he’s back with a brand new single featuring one of the hottest girls in pop right now Meghan Trainor. The single ‘Marvin Gaye’ is a 60s inspired love track full of cheese – just how we like it. The track is currently number 5 on the UK Shazam Chart and has already been number 1 on the official New Zealand Singles Chart.

Let’s have a listen to it, shall we?

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