Charli XCX embodies girl power as the ambassador for ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ and we’re 100% here for it

If you can’t hear us screaming “yaaaaas” at the top of our lungs and fist pumping the air then you’re probably not listening hard enough. Because the fact that ‘The Powerpuff Girls‘ made its return on Monday night on The Cartoon Network and Charli XCX is the ambassador for it is definitely too much for our hearts to handle. We are all about girls kicking butt here at MP! In the words of that catchy AF ‘Kimmy Schmidt‘ theme tune, “Females are strong as hell!”


It’s been a decade since the original series of ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ ended, but don’t worry: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are back, protecting the city of Townsville from hulking great monsters. And you can bet they’ll be doing it in their usual fierce and sassy way — all whilst looking as cute as a button.


We didn’t think one of our favourite cartoons from our childhood returning to our screens could possibly level up anymore. Turns out we were completely wrong, because, with Charli XCX by their side, The Cartoon Network is also addressing a wider problem of gender equality and the constraints of sticking to stereotypes.

Yep, Cartoon Network commissioned a nationwide survey on girls aged 7-15 years old to see whether they succumbed to expectations put on their gender. To our absolute delight, it revealed that girls are indeed strong as hell and that they’re not taking any prisoners going after what they want. Hell yeah! Smash those gender norms to oblivion — who needs ’em?

The study found 58% of boys and girls would rather be a superhero or heroine as opposed to a prince or princess and that, when asked what qualities they thought they should have, 46% of girls said they should be strong and 60% said clever.

But how does Charli XCX play into all of this?


Apart from having a lot of fun running around London with some helium balloons adorned with the Powerpuff Girls’ faces, our girl Charli has become the ambassador for the much-loved TV show and has been dishing out some serious girl power.

Commenting on the tipping point for 14-15-year-old girls, Charli XCX has said: “As a young girl, that age can be a time of self-doubt, a time where you let your insecurities show, a time where you’re basically just a bit unsure.”

We are nodding our heads like bloody lunatics, because this is so true and we definitely think it’s something that needs to be addressed more.

She continues, “Strong role models are super important during those phases of anyone’s life. The Powerpuff Girls are 100% the strongest and coolest kind of role models to have around. The show flips gender stereotypes on its head and is accessible and fun for kids but also for people my age. I used to love it when I was younger but I feel like I’m even more obsessed with it now.”

Yes, yes, yes! Ngl, we might be yelling about this all over again. Charli XCX and ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ are doing some incredible things for girls, don’t you think? Tweet us @maximumpop to let us know your thoughts and whether or not you’ve been watching the new episodes.

Tune into ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ on The Cartoon Network at 6.15pm every weekday night.

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