Is Charli XCX about to drop the greatest song of all time?

Charli XCX has already got some 10/10 songs in her repertoire.

Remember when she gave us all the feels back in 2014 with ‘Boom Clap’?  This song sounds exactly like how it feels to have a crush on someone, doesn’t it?

And then after making us feel all sentimental, she made us feel rebellious with ‘Break The Rules’. This makes us want to leave work like one minute early or something.

And then she teamed up with Queen Rita Ora for the super empowering ‘Doing It’.

But what do you do once you’ve already created so many perfect song? You need to go for the greatest song of all time?

Well, Charli might just have the best song of all time in her hands. Please welcome: ‘Girl’s Night Out’.

It sounds like the perfect mix of 80s pop the super current PC Music sound that Charli XCX is experimenting with. It sounds like a modern day ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ and we’re obsessed.

Clips of this song have been sitting online for about a year now, which hopefully means it’ll be dropping soon.

Please Charli, drop it for us.

Are you excited for new Charli music as us? Let us know by tweeting us at @maximumpop.

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