A model’s scalding open letter to her agency went viral – and now she’s releasing a book!

Every teen needs a copy of this book!

Hey, bookworms! A brand new book is being released this week and it’s the most empowering read ever.

In 2015, British model, Charli Howard, was fired from her modelling agency for being “too big”. Despite being a UK size 6-8, the agency claimed Charli was “out of shape” and had the wrong kind of body to work in the fashion industry.

Say what?!

The dismissal led to Charli posting a scalding Facebook letter to her ex modelling agency. She called the industry out on their ridiculous beauty standards and the piece quickly went viral.


You can read it here:

Now, two years on, Charli’s on a mission to show the world that one size doesn’t fit all. She’s currently working as a curve model in New York City and her new memoir ‘Misfit’ is due out this Thursday.

The book offers emotional accounts of Charli’s battles with anxiety and bulimia. She talks about the pressures to “fit in” and discusses how her obsession with weight spiralled out of control – so much so that it resulted in her spending hours a day exercising and trying extreme diets.

‘Misfit’ offers some incredibly important and empowering lessons in love and self-acceptable. Charli highlights that being thin doesn’t result happiness and, ultimately, the idea of a “perfect” body is causing more harm than good. She’s unflinching honest and tbh we think someone should give her a crown for writing this book.


Don’t just take our word for it, though. Watch Charli read an extract of ‘Misfit’ in the video below. We can guarantee that it will have you running to your nearest bookstore ASAP.


Start reading ‘Misfit’ by Charli Howard…

I am not normal.
From the ages of four to six, I thought I was a dog. A
German shepherd, to be precise, though I could also be a
Dalmatian, depending on my mood. The dogs I grew up
with were spoiled and loved, and played around all day, so
that’s what I decided I wanted to become.

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