All the things we learned at the Chapter 5 summer proof party

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Chapter 5 proof party last Wednesday, with special guest of honour, Jennifer L. Armentrout. *cue the fangirling*


So here’s the lowdown. It’ll be as if you were actually there with us:

Welp, let’s suss out the important things first. Like, the food. It’s always important to scope out any food before it all gets scoffed.


And then we discovered that The Old Crown pub has made some really interesting decor choices…


(avec mini chicken burger)

Also, it’s a good idea to get first in line (or as close as) when pretty boxes come out to play. Because that means they’re probably filled with FACE CAKE!


Look at these beautiful faces from the covers of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s covers. Scrummy on so many levels.

Also, it’s possible to fit one whole in your mouth. There is no photographic evidence (and this is for your own good, for real) but trust us. It’s legit possible.


What else did we learn? That proof parties = books. And many of them.

credit: @sarahsreviews

Beautifully displayed!

credit: @sarahsreviews

But there are definitely more than you can realistically carry home…


It’s like a game of chicken. You hold out, and hold out, until finally SOMEONE takes one from the many piles… and that means its open season. 

‘Replica’ is gorgeous to look at:


But ‘Caraval’ is something else entirely on the inside. *swoon*


Meeting your fave authors never gets boring, nor does it get easier (especially when you’ve just learned what they’re currently working on!)


You wait in line for your turn, panicking, trying to think of something cool, or clever, to say. And then you’re up and you just dumbly mumble your name and end up looking like a deer in headlights:


There will always be someone who goes hard. Really hard. Who puts all your best fangirling to shame:


That’s right. A WHOLE FREAKIN’ SUITCASE full of books, ready to be signed. Now THAT is dedication.

It was a great opportunity to catch up with some fellow bookish friends too:

Photo 2016-07-09 22_20
credit: @sarahsreviews

MP! Books team members, Sarah and Sophie with @sarahsreviews and @imogentypes.

And no visit to London shall ever be made complete again without stopping by ‘Shake Shack’ to scoff ALL THE FROZEN CUSTARD!

credit: @sarahsreviews

It was a fab event, Chapter 5 really do know how to throw a good shindig. The food, the fun, the friends, the books, the Q&A with Jennifer L. Armentrout, the signing… it’s all become one big excited blur, but we cannot wait to do it all again!

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