Live or die? You decide their fate with just a text to Hot Key Books

Eye for an eye for an eye for an eye… Welcome viewers! Thanks for tuning in to this special online version of DEATH IS JUSTICE! Where the power is literally in YOUR hands. YOU decide the if these “individuals” on death row are guilty… or possibly innocent.


*static* PHSHHSHSHSHSHT! Sorry about that, MP! seems to have been temporarily taken over by the TV personalities from Kerry Drewery’s ‘Cell 7’.

But they are right. Hot Key Books are seriously putting the power into YOUR hands with a special text service ahead of its release.  

‘Cell 7’ is a tour de force of both pulse racing action and clever quietness. It asks questions about the legal system, and about justice, and who exactly should decide the verdict. Can a system ever be pure and free of corruption?

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Did teenager Bree do it? Did she kill a man? Maybe. Maybe not. She has 7 days before the results of a public vote are collected and it’s revealed if she will live… or die via electric chair. YIKES!

Ahead of the book’s release you can join in the “fun”. By texting LIVE or DIE to 60777 (charges apply, ask the bill payer etc.) you can be part of it.


(Of course we voted LIVE! Gaw.) And yes, you sure do get a quick reply!


Is that all? We reckon Hot Key have much more up their sleeves with this. So get your text in and stay tuned! You can also follow them on Snapchat too.

Live or die or live or die or live or die…

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