Geeking out: 12 celebs who are actually massive dorks

There is nothing quite as satisfying as finding out one of your fave celebs geeks out over the same video game as you, or has the same penchant for learning a million languages.


Being a total dork is totally cool. Much like Harriet Manners in Holly Smale’s ‘Head Over Heels’, being a geek girl is something you can definitely be proud of. And famouses get dorky and proud too. Behold:

1. Vin Diesel A.K.A. Mr Fast and Furious


Has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since the 1970s. Truth. He even has a tattoo on his torso of one of a character name. Now THAT’S dedication. Allegedly even got Dame Judi Dench into it while they filmed ‘Riddick’.

2. Mila Kunis A.K.A. ‘That 70s Show’, ‘Black Swan’ and ‘The Great and Powerful Oz’. 


Was once addicted to the MMO ‘World of Warcraft’. And we can’t really blame her. Once you’re in, you’re IN. She even got some of her nearest and dearest to play along too. RAIDING FTW! She had to call it quits when the addiction started getting in the way of work. Oops.

3. Marilyn Manson A.K.A. Ain’t nothin’ but a goth thing. 


So he was a Dungeons & Dragons player too. But maybe not the best spokesperson for it stating that “If every cigarette you smoke takes seven minutes off of your life, every game of Dungeons & Dragons you play delays the loss of your virginity by seven hours.”


He also paints watercolour though. That’s pretty rad. And dorky. In the BEST way.

4. Brian May A.K.A. Queen guitarist A.K.A. rock legend! He put his PhD in astrophysics on hold while the band took off into the lofty heights of fame and fortune.


He returned to it and completed it a few years ago. His thesis was on zodiacal light. Of course.

5. Rosario Dawson A.K.A. Claire Temple in ‘Jessica Jones’, ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Daredevil’.


As if featuring in nearly every  notable comic book show currently on the box (as well as a little film called ‘Sin City’), she’s also co-authored a graphic novel and she’s also a Star Trek fan who can speak Klingon!

6. Tom Hanks A.K.A. that actor guy in almost every film ever.


Apparently collects typewriters from the ’30s and ’40s and has been known to take one along with him when he’s working. Because why not?

7. Megan Fox A.K.A. that actress from ‘The Transformers’ and ‘TMNT’. 


Is a total ‘Lord of the Rings’ nerd and will even go on to the forums where arguments over the smallest details between book and film are laid out.

8. Natalie Portman A.K.A. Badass chick in all the best movies


So, she’s pretty much on ‘Geek Girl’ levels when it comes to academics, but she’s also fluent in many languages. She speaks English and Hebrew but also knows conversational Japanese, French, Spanish and German. That’s a lot of words to store in your brain!

9. Mayim Bialik A.K.A. Amy Farrah Fowler ‘The Big Bang Theory’.


Maybe we should say ‘Dr’ since she legit has a PhD in neuroscience, just like her TV counterpart!

10. Daniel Craig A.K.A. 007


Had a thing for the ‘Halo’ video games. Maybe he still does… *shrugs* But his enjoyment of the franchise allegedly caused a rift between him and then girlfriend. Whoops.

11. Rod Stewart A.K.A. Your mum likes his songs. 


This piece of British history (because let’s face it, he’s pretty much a rockstar legend now and always) has an affinity with trains. Model trains, to be exact. He has even starred on the cover of ‘Model Railroader’ magazine. Neat!

12. Leonardo DiCaprio A.K.A. swoony Romeo


Is a bit of a figurine collector. Mostly ‘Star Wars’, but has sold off some of his meticulous collection in the past for charity. Who DOESN’T like an action figure though? Maybe now he has THE figurine (the Oscar) he’ll move on to a different hobby…

What is your dorky claim to fame? Are you a little bit like Harriet Manners too? It’s something to be celebrated! Tell us in the comments below!

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