Wanna know what went down in Celeb-land this weekend? We’ve got you covered.

Happy Monday, MP!ers! To get your week off to a good start, we’ve been doing our usual online stalking to bring you news of what all your fave celebs got up to this weekend.

Before you start worrying that you’ll read this then feel insanely jealous, let us reassure you that they’re actually just like us… some of these popsters didn’t do anything more exciting than get a haircut or take a nap!

1. Weekend Teeth


Miley’s teeth are considerably less shocking than some of the stunts she’s pulled lately. But they’re still a bit weird. The dog’s cute, though.

2. Weekend Walk


1D’s hairdresser Lou Teasdale took a walk in the country with her adorable tot Lux. Make sure those hashtag muddy feet don’t touch the carpet when you get home, Lou!

3. Weekend Posing


Thompson from Kingsland Road (yep, they still exist outside the X Factor) sported a new blonde quiff and pointed and something unseen in the sky. Aliens? Dumbo? A record deal?

4. Weekend Haircut


Andy from Lawson didn’t let getting his barnet chopped by a scarily happy hairdresser stop him from enjoying a beer.

5. Weekend Smooching


Grimmy spent the weekend in Milan, where he cosied up to fashion queen Donatella Versace, who’s still going strong after hundreds of years.

6. Weekend Disguises


Rixton’s Jake Roche rocked burglar-chic this weekend, but bandmate Lewi gave away his genius disguise by Instagramming it for the world to see. Boys, we suggest NOT pursuing a career with MI5…

7. Weekend Gigelyar

One of our fave new popstars Elyar Fox pulled a selfie outside G-A-Y, where he performed this weekend. OK, so at least SOME celebs do celeb-like things. We were starting to wonder…

8. Weekend Sleepjosh

When 1D’s drummer Josh isn’t jet-setting all over the world with our five fave lads, he’s… sleeping. We don’t blame him after the mammoth ‘Take Me Home’ tour!

9. Weekend Attack-By-Straighteners


All she wanted to do was take a casual selfie, but some deranged straightener-wielding assailant had to come along and ruin it all for Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Either that, or he could be about to eat them…

10. Weekend Tattoo


Another day, another tatt for Rihanna. A-list New York tattoo parlour Bang Bang posted this pic of what appears to be a new cross design on Rih’s wrist. We’re sure this won’t be the last of them, either!

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