Teenage girl uses contouring to look like Jesy Nelson, Selena Gomez and Beyoncé – it’s uncanny!

Imagine being a member of Little Mix, owning your activewear range in Topshop and being a globally adored ex-Disney star sensation. Now imagine being all that in ONE DAY.


For Letisha Velasco, she doesn’t have to imagine. Using the power of contour and her incredible talent, Letisha can quite literally transform herself into nearly any celebrity she fancies. (lifestyle not included)

Using a beauty blender, different foundation shades and her own artistic skill, Letisha has transformed into some of our ultimate faves – and we can’t believe what we’re seeing!

Take a look below for some of her classics:

Jesy Nelson

jessy nelson

WHAT! IS THIS! From the eyes, to the brows, to the lips, we’re almost quite terrified. Uncanny doesn’t seem to cut it.

Ariana Grande


It gets stranger and stranger by the minute… it’s the hair in this one. And the pout. And the face. We’re scared.

Gigi Hadid


So you’re sat at home on a Saturday night, you’re thinking – what shall I do? Naturally, make myself into one of the hottest supermodels on the planet for the lols. Can you do our make-up daily please?

Nicki Minaj


A personal fave, Letisha has nailed the cheekbones, the lips and that Minaj-azing glare. Superbassically the greatest thing we’ve seen in a while.

Queen Bey


EVEN BEY? If I could go to the shop every day looking like Beyoncé I would. Heck, I’d even hold a concert in the aisle.



Hello? It’s me. Or is it Letisha? Or is it Adele? We don’t even know anymore.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

THIS. IS. WILD. To transform yourself into the Biebs is basically a talent like no other, and if we could give Letisha a medal we darn well would.

WE SALUTE YOU, LETISHA! Now can you teach us how to do it?

What celeb would you love to see Letisha transform into? Let us know at @maximumpop!

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