Cecelia Ahern’s ‘Flawed’ is looking more like ‘perfection’ on Instagram, take a look!

Cecelia Ahern’s ‘Flawed’ follows perfect-until-proven-otherwise Celestine North who is forced to navigate a new life that is much darker and uglier than what she is used to. She has become #perfectlyflawed, if only the world she lived in saw her like that. But there’s definitely trouble a-brewin’…


We dove into the deepest parts of Instagram to show you just how “flawless” this book is looking. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist… we’re not perfect. HA!)

Many have recently caught Cecelia Ahern on her book tour and as you can see from the pics, much fun and max excitement to be had! Others are simply enjoying a good book at home, in their fave reading spots, and the like…


And others had some serious prop game. #bookandhobby #booksandchocolate #giveusthechocolate

A photo posted by Iva (@bibliovca) on Mar 29, 2016 at 3:00am PDT

It’s such a photogenic book!

Is the itch to bookstagram it as bad for you as it is for us? You can get your copy here. Happy snappin’!

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