Five reasons you need to read ‘Flawed’ by Cecelia Ahern right now

Cecelia Ahern’s YA debut ‘Flawed’ blows up the meaning of utopia and redefines the word “perfect”.

Gotham perfect

We think it’s fab. But maybe you haven’t made your mind up yet whether or not to pick it up. We’ve only listed five reasons why you need to read this book, but there are so many more.

1. Dystopian concept with a twist. Dystopian worlds and concepts are a dime a dozen, but ‘Flawed’ stands out. Why? We’ll tell you why. Crimes that are more of an ethical nature can lead to you become branded “flawed”. Literally. Branded.


Is that the scent of burning flesh in the air?

2. A protagonist you can get behind. It’s important when you’re reading, yeah? Celestine goes through a serious change in circumstances and it’s compelling to see how she will cope.


3. The story doesn’t pull any punches. There are some darker elements to the narrative, but the author does not gloss over it or try to roll it in glitter so it appears shiny. Crap happens, and it’s described in fantastic detail.


4. A supporting cast to crave. Oh, we’re not going to give it all away, but you’ll know who we mean when you meet him. We have an incline this honey is going to feature big-styley in the next book.

vampire diaries

5. So yes! There shall be another book. And how doesn’t love a sequel to steadily obsess more and more over? Can we has it now? Plz?

Persuaded? You can get your copy here.

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