MP! Reacts: Catfish and the Bottlemen take us on ‘The Ride’ of our lives

Catfish and the Bottlemen aka our little indie rock gods just released their second album ‘The Ride’, so we thought we’d share our reactions and give it a mini review! Now, if you like The 1975, you’ll probably love CATB. (Louis Tomlinson also loves these lads)


‘The Ride’ is currently at number 1 on iTunes which is amazing! Their debut album ‘The Balcony’ hit #10 on the chart when it came out, so this is huge. We’re going to take you track-by-track with our honest reactions to each song. Pfft, it’s all going to be amazing anyway.

1) ‘7’

tumblr_n5bsrzKYy01ql5yr7o1_500 (1)

This sounds like good ol’ CATB, we could totally see this fitting in on their debut album and OMG we just love this so much.

2) ‘Twice’

giphy (69)

Again this one sounds like it could perfectly fit on ‘The Balcony’ but the slowed down ending surprised us, we still love it though.

3) ‘Soundcheck’

giphy (66)

We’re probably going to say this about every song but this one is so Catfish too! Also the guitar solo is giving us life.

4) ‘Postpone’

giphy (68)

This one has a bit more of its own identity, still indie rock AF but calmer. We dig it.

5) ‘Anything’

giphy (67)

We like this one. It’s pretty tame if you’re not into indie rock dudes and the chorus is quite catchy! Give it a listen if you’ve never listened to CATB, it’s a good starter for you pop enthusiasts.

6) ‘Glasgow’


Woah, this one is SO chill and it’s acoustic. Van’s vocals are so clear it’s like we’re in the studio with him recording it. P.S. you can go pick up Van on Sauchiehall Street apparently.

7) ‘Oxygen’


Now this is a festival track we imagine the whole crowd singing along to. It’s a happy chappy chorus and we’d totes have our grandparents listen to this, they’d put some moves on this one.

8) ‘Emily’

giphy (65)

Who is Emily and when are Catfish in New York because we need to get there. This is probably the weakest on the album, it’s not bad but it’s not amazing. Definitely a grower.

9) ‘Red’

giphy (64)

This could be one to rival Taylor Swift’s ‘Red,’ but they sound completely different. The lyrics in ‘Red’ are so sour and the chorus is angry and anthemic, we LOVE it.

10) ‘Heathrow’

raw (2)

The feels are so real rn. We may have shed a tear listening to this… SO MANY TEARS

11)  ‘Outside’

giphy (63)

We want to cry, we want to dance, we want to scream along. This song finishes off the album and leaves us with some many emotions. Ugh feels.

A moment is truly needed to gather our emotions. What did you think of ‘The Ride’? Give us a little tweet over on Twitter @maximumpop with your thoughts. ‘7’, ‘Red’ and ‘Soundcheck’ are three strong contenders for the #1 place in our hearts.

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