Are you backing Malec for ultimate Shaodwhunter ship? Cassandra Jean is too

Cassandra Jean has basically lived the fangirl dream. And we’re not jealous at all. Nope.



When Cassandra fell in love with Cassie Clare’s Shadowhunter world, she obvs made some (ridiculously gorgeous) fanart. Then Cassie herself spotted them and suddenly, Cassandra Jean’s art is totally official.

The Shadowhunter fandom obvs makes the best fanart in the world, so we figured why not put it all together in a Christmas fan book for Cassie – have you submitted yet?


When beginning a piece, do you have a plan? Or just jump straight in? Do you have any drawing rituals? I do not plan well. Usually I think of what I am -generally- trying to accomplish (is it a fight scene? A portrait? What kind of mood do I want the picture to have?) Then I just start sloppily sketching until something starts to look good and work from there.

Does listening to music count as a ritual? I absolutely can not draw in silence. I need music playing or at least Netflix making some noise. If it’s too quiet I get sleepy and I don’t feel like finishing my drawings, I just want to go take a nap.

Do you base your illustrations on your own imaginings of the characters or do you take clues straight from the book? I try to stay as close to the books descriptions as possible. When I read the books, I keep a notepad next to me and write down the descriptions of the characters as they are introduced (facial features, hair color, body type, fashion style, eye color, etc.) Then when I draw them I try to be as faithful to the book as possible. Sometimes I take small liberties, for the sake of making a character more distinctive from my other drawings (Kit’s mole!) but only small things.

How did you start out with illustrating the Shadowhunter world? It started with fanart! I drew a picture of Will Herondale and posted it online. Cassie Clare saw it, liked it, and contacted me to see if I would be interested in drawing Clary’s sketches within the Shadowhunter Codex. I said of course! (of course!) and the rest is history! It’s been so much fun working on all these projects with Cassie Clare and having the excuse to draw the characters I love all the time!

What do you prefer to draw – emotional scenes, funny scenes, action scenes? I enjoyed comedy, but for some reason I draw more emotional scenes than anything else! Dramatic pictures are fun, plus it’s always a blast seeing the fandom react.  I’m sorry guys! I just love hearing you wail and curse!

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Who’s your ultimate Shadowhunter ship? Hmmm, well it’s a doomed ship but I’m a fan of Michael Wayland x Robert Lightwood. (Waywood!!) But I’m a sucker for drama. Also, of course, Magnus and Alec. I’m so glad they’re a happy family now.

Don’t forget to submit your art and messages for Cassie’s fan book right here.

Tell us your favourite Shadowhunter ship in the comments below.

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