7 moments that made our hearts melt watching Caspar Lee’s new trailer ‘Laid In America’

Obviously we’re well excited about Caspar Lee’s new movie. We remember him vlogging way back on set whilst filming and needing it right there and then. Now the trailer for ‘Laid In America’ is here and Caspar is legit the most adorable South African we know!


Here are the bits that had us absolutely flailing. Warning: This trailer contains complete cuteness overload!

1. Awkward dad dancing alert


2. “People know that I like her?”

giphy (1)

3. Look how heart eyes he is!

giphy (2)

4. “When I see her, I get butterflies.”

giphy (3)

5. That little gulp and those… questionable clothes.

giphy (4)

6. Uh, that cape though. Cute? Try, hot!

giphy (5)

7. The way he nestles himself in for that hug — be still our beating hearts

giphy (6)

Watch for yourselves below and try not to scrunch your face up with how absolutely adorable Caspar’s character is.

See what we mean? We didn’t stop being heart eyes the entire time!

Are you excited to see ‘Laid In America’? Let us know @maximumpop. It gets it UK DVD release on the 26th September, so you can bet we’re counting down the days!

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