Caspar Lee pulls a series of genius shower pranks on Joe sugg – naked Joe anyone?!

So it’s kinda a widely known fact that Caspar Lee is pretty much at the top of the ‘prankster leaderboard’ (that’s a real thing okay guys…) Well C Dawg has gone one step further this time and pulled a whole series of pranks of Joe in his latest vid.

Now, all of the pranks in Caspar’s new video involve the shower. And by that, we mean Joe in the shower. Yes guys…naked Joe.


Take a look at the genius prank creations Caspar came up with right now:

Was that not hilarious? We mean, yes we do feel a little sorry for Joe, but then again we were kinda just enjoying his nakedness. Don’t judge.

Are any of you sassy bunch going to be trying out these pranks yourselves? Hit us up over on le Twitter @maximumpop and let us know!

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