A guide to the beasts and creatures of Simon Snow’s world

There are many ways to explore a world. You can take a map and head to the blank ‘here be dragons’ areas,  eat your way through the culture’s dishes, or you can look at the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit it. In honour of the paperback release of Rainbow Rowell’s fantastic ‘Carry On’, we thought we would follow around Simon Snow with our trusty notebook in hand and document for you the many unbelievable beings that make up this magical world.



Merewolves live in the moat that surrounds Watford. They were added by The Mage after the vampire attack on the previous head of the school, for a little extra security. We can assume from the name (and the fact that they live in a moat!) that they are some kind of water-wolf. We aren’t given a completely detailed description but there’s a lot that can be inferred from the manner in which Simon talks about them – in that he seems to hate them. And he’s very impressed (although slightly disgusted) by the idea that Baz might have caught one once and drained it of its blood.



We’ve got a full description here, green skin, red lips and we can only assume the floppy fringe and doe eyes of your latest pop star crush. On the downside slightly murder-y and with a penchant for revenge.



What do we know about dragons? That they’re not as scary as they look! Well, that’s not exactly true, but clearly they can A) be dodged if not defeated, and b) have loving families waiting just around the corner for them. Well, round the corner, 90 miles to the left and over a mountain or two. They probably do not resemble ladybirds. Much.

The things under the bed 


Some rooms are haunted, and in some houses every room is haunted. Except for the rooms that house sassy, black-haired possible vampires. They creep them out too much.



Numpties can resemble just a collection of large boulders if you’re not looking very close. They aren’t very bright and will do anything, absolutely anything, to avoid the cold. For a hot water bottle and some blankets they will jump up and down, swear at your grandmother and maybe even kidnap someone and forcibly keep them in a coffin for 6 weeks.



Are annoying. Sorry, at least one pixie, Trixie the pixie is annoying, but then we guess it must be hard growing up with a name that rhymes with your species. Pointy-eared and sometimes with girlfriends in tow, the pixie is not a creature to roommate with.



Some people say goats aren’t magical, that we even have goats in our world. To which we answer, have you ever really looked at a goat? Seriously, go stare at one now, into those infinite, knowing eyes. There’s clearly something going on there. Which is why all goats should be left in the care of amazingly astute and magical goatherds, generally of the name Ebb.



Pale, bloodsucking, highly-flammable, definitely evil, with absolutely no exceptions. Many years ago vampires broke into Watford and killed the previous head of the school, and possibly even bit a child. Possibly. But there’s no way a vampire would practice flame magic. Or willingly abstain from drinking human blood. And definitely, absolutely no way a vampire would fall head over heels in love with his roommate. Who is also the chosen one. Just wouldn’t happen.

guilty innocent

So there you have it, a window into the wonderful world of Watford school of magic. If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of ‘Carry On’ and want to read more of these magical creatures you can grab one right now, just here.

Otherwise let us who what you thought of all these magical creatures over at @maximumpopbooks.

Grab a copy of ‘Carry On’  HERE and discover the world of Simon Snow for yourself.

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