Here’s why people are RAGING at Carrie Hope Fletcher for her latest Hamilton cover

We’re pretty big Carrie Hope Fletcher fans around here (in case you hadn’t noticed) so we were devastated to hear about a TONNE of backlash she’s been getting over on her YouTube channel. People were legit raging. But why?

Not to worry if you missed the whole thing, MP!s got your back as we investigate just what went on to cause Carrie and Hamilton fans around the globe so much distress.

Okay, so first thing’s first: what happened?

Well, it all began when Carrie upload an exciting cover to her YouTube channel a couple of days ago. Of course, we were in the “Under 301 club” – because we’re just that obsessed – and we watched it, loved it, liked it, cried about it and then REwatched it before most people had even noticed a new vid was up.

We all know Carrie is a singing songstress. From her work on the stage to her online uploads she’s a gal who slays all day every day. So why were, within no time at all, all the comments on her cover of Hamilton’s ‘Burn’ filled with negativity?

Carrie Fletcher

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Well, Sunday night gave us the answers we craved, right from Carrie’s own Twitter account no less.

After the official Hamilton UK Twitter account RTed the link to Carrie’s cover it must’ve got pretty mad all up in the comments section. Apparently some people thought it was offensive that Carrie would cover a person of colour’s song, which is where all the hate was spewing from.

Clearly Carrie was kind of confused about it all and we can see she meant no harm in covering the song, originally sung by Eliza in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s epic retelling of American History. If there’s one thing we know about her it’s that she’s kind, warm-hearted, knows what respect is and would never, ever intentionally upset anybody.

Here’s what the people against the cover had to say:

And some things the people for keeping the cover up were sharing:

Even the Hamilton UK Twitter account had a thing or two to say when they realised what had gone down.

And all we can say to that is: AMEN! Carrie is literally 100% about spreading positivity and so are we. We can totally see why some people were offended by the situation and the way Carrie handled the criticism is admirable tbh. We wish everyone could react as professionally and delicately in these situations as she’s proved capable.

We know now that she’s NOT going to be going up for the role of Eliza – or any other POC – but that should’ve been obvious from the start, right? We hardly think covering a song online is suddenly an application, CV, and cover letter to landing a role in musical theatre (oh if only it were so easy…)

Carrie had one final thing to say before heading off to bed:

What do you think about all this? Let us know in the comments below if you think Carrie was right or wrong to cover ‘Burn’.

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