Carrie Hope Fletcher just shut down body shamers in the sassiest possible way and SLAYED

Here at MP! we LOVE Carrie Hope Fletcher. Not only is she eternally positive, but she’s also one seriously talented lady, and we are totally in awe of her.

Unfortunately, though, there are some people TROLLS in the world who have decided to completely ignore Carrie’s talent,  instead focusing on her image. *sigh*

Posting on Instagram, Carrie explained:

“Someone recently called me fat in the comments of one of my last pictures here on Instagram. I get this every now and then and I sometimes respond about being happy and healthy and what a shame it is that size 12 is considered “fat” these days. But saying the same thing over and over starts to get boring and sometimes words just aren’t enough.”

This honestly makes us so upset. Why anyone would want to be so unkind about a beautiful young woman like Carrie is COMPLETELY beyond us, and we think it reeks of jealousy.


main-headshot-carrie-hope-fletcher-headshot-2-e1473858304297WE’RE JUST AS GROSSED OUT BY THIS HEADLINE AS CARRIE HOPE FLETCHER TBH

But, being the inspiration that she is, Carrie wasn’t about to lie down and let the trolls win, OH NO. She decided to take down the trolls in the sassiest way possible — with a gorgeous bikini shot.


And as if the photo wasn’t inspiring enough, Carrie also took the time to leave a message for her critics. Writing under her bikini pic, she said:

“I am curvy. I have lumps and bumps, some of which, in all the “wrong” places. I have stretch marks, cellulite, scars and tattoos and I am not scared to wear a bikini whilst lounging by the pool that shows off all my wobbly bits. Coz guess what? Everyone has them. Everyone has imperfections! I love my body, including all the bits society has deemed unlovable. And guess what else? My body loves me back too!”

She finished her post with a reminder for all of us:

“So you individuals out there, with your judgemental attitudes towards anything that looks different from the photoshopped women in magazines, don’t have to. 💜💜💜 “

In a world where it can be easy to become consumed by our body image and worry about the opinions of others, this is a really valuable reminder. It really is what’s on the inside that counts, and none of us should forget that.

We love that Carrie has managed to transform what was a negative post into something really positive. It’s reminded us just how much we love her, and we really hope that she continues to love herself just as much.

What do you think of Carrie’s Instagram slayage? Has she injected some body positivity into your life? Are you feeling inspired to show the world just how much you love yourself on social media? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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