We’re just as grossed out by this headline as Carrie Hope Fletcher tbh

Not cool

Outrage hasn’t been in short supply this morning. 2016, as a whole, has been a bit of a rough ride to say the least, and now one quite frankly disgusting headline from ‘The Metro’ has left many absolutely reeling, including our fave Carrie Hope Fletcher.

The article promotes Alex Day’s video of him creating a rap out of Harry Potter spells and doesn’t even attempt to highlight the YouTubers despicable past, in which he sexually abused many subscribers of his channel.


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People are rightly upset by the article supporting his career as a YouTuber. The vast majority of people hoped he’d fade away and that they’d never have to clap eyes on him again, tbh.

Carrie was particularly insulted by the article, and we don’t blame her. As Alex Day’s former girlfriend, Carrie has unfortunately been on the receiving end of his cheating and emotional abuse. She composed the following tweets on the matter:

Many have followed up Carrie’s final tweet by bombarding the ‘The Metro’s’ Entertainment Twitter, demanding they delete the tweet and do their research in future.

One of our faves came from YouTuber and ‘We The Unicorns’ writer Liam Dryden.

Honestly, we can relate to that morning article grind, but that doesn’t mean we’d ever be looking to promote someone like that.

What do you think about all this? Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts. You can keep up to day on the Carrie Hope Fletcher latest by clicking here.

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