Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Kiss’ – amazing album alert!

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Hi, MP! So what’s this I hear about Carly Rae Jepsen having an album out?
That’s right reader, she of ‘Call Me Maybe’ fame does indeed have her latest and no doubt biggest album out next week.

What’s the album called?
It’s called ‘Kiss’. It’s a dark introspective record about the struggles of a girl discovering her crush is gay.

We’re kidding! ‘Kiss’ is a bright blast of pure, unabashed pop – the kind of pop that you sing in the shower or with a hairbush into the mirror or while you’re riding around in a car.

Are the songs any good?
Yep. ‘Call Me Maybe’ is still a definite album highlight and the most hummed/parodied song in human history, but don’t worry, the rest of the songs are different and equally good. Old-song-given-new-twist ‘Curiosity’ is a pretty solid indication.

What about if I’m at a party? Will ‘Kiss’ fit there?
Some of it will! New single ‘This Kiss’ is an electropop dancefloor anthem with a killer chorus that’ll have you dancing like you’re on Geordie Shore. Album tracks ‘Turn Me Up’ and ‘Tonight I’m Getting Over You’ are both equally dancefloor-orientated, so there’s plenty of choice there. ‘Hurt So Good’ is pretty much by-the-numbers brilliance too.

And if I’m at the beach with some friends?
Well if you’re crazy enough to go to a beach in September in the UK we have little sympathy for you, but ‘Good Time’, her Owl City collab is bouncy and catchy enough to let you pretend it’s July again. Maybe.


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It’s not just silly pop though, is it?
Well, silly pop is often great pop, but there’s some variety on offer – ‘More Than A Memory’ and ‘Guitar String/Wedding Ring’ are Taylor Swift-lite tunes and there’s even a great ballad towards the back end called ‘Your Heart Is A Muscle’. Who says we don’t give variety?

What about the bonus tracks? Are they any good?
A mixed bag really – ‘Sweetie’ isn’t a memorable tune, but ‘Drive’ is breezy fun, ‘Wrong Feels So Right’ is a proper club smash in the making and ‘I Know You Have A Girlfriend’ is one of the most effervescently fun, empowering and catchy songs we’ve heard for a few years. Think ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ with a bit of sass and a rocket up its arse – that level of good.

Sounds good MP! but are there any bad songs?
None of them are exactly bad but there are some that don’t have the same quality as the rest – the Justin Bieber duet isn’t anything special and is schmaltzier than that ‘Grandma We Love You’ song if performed by toddlers. The opening song ‘Tiny Little Bows’ is anything special either to be honest.

How does it compare to proper superstars (e.g. Gaga, Rihanna, Britney Katy Perry) and their albums?
Surprisingly well reader! It’s the kind of consistent, cohesive music that doesn’t take itself too seriously that we wish Katy Perry had had a bit more of in her last album instead of singing about willies and heartbreak . Think Taylor Swift’s sweetness with dashes of Britney and Selena Gomez and you’re not far off.

Wow MP! So it’s worth looking at then?
Yep. ‘Kiss’ is a lot like Ashley Tisdale’s ‘Guilty Pleasure’ – it’s jam-packed full of the joyous-sounding, relentlessly fun pop brilliance that you’re told not to like but really, secretly do. We don’t judge you reader – just enjoy the music. Or play ‘Call Me Maybe’ for the nine hundredth time this year.


‘Kiss’ is out Monday 17th September. Listen to new single ‘This Kiss’ below:

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