Cody Simpson Vs. Carly Rae Jepsen: Who was the best Bieber support?

With all eyes on our Bieber during his Week from HellTM in London during his ‘Believe’ tour, his warm up acts, Carly Rae Jepsen and Cody Simpson, may feel left out… until now.  Here at MP! Towers, we don’t let any awesome pop acts slip by un-noticed.  The two budding superstars took to the stage during Justin’s ‘Believe’ Tour and even sang Carly Rae’s hit ‘Good Time’ together.  But, who was better?  We are going to analyse every inch of the Biebs’ support acts and see which one left us warmed up and which one had us reaching for our snuggie and a mug of hot chocolate.  Let the Battle of the Bieb’s supports begin!

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Who? Cody Simpson


Age? 16


Cody is from Australia which has brought us things like shrimps, barbies (the barbeque, not the doll), koala bears, Home and Away and Kylie.

The Big Break
Similar to Justin, Cody was spotted on Youtube and given a record deal after a producer heard his cover of Jason Mraz, Justin Timberlake and Jackson 5- basically Cody only sings songs by artists beginning with ‘J’.

Twitter Followers 4,424,637

Hair Rating 9/10. Cody has a bloody beautiful barnet, you can’t deny that.

Talents Apart from singing and dancing, Cody can play the guitar and is a talented swimmer, winning to gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships.

Controversy Cody is 16! You can’t possibly expect controversy from him yet. Give him a year or two and we’re sure he’ll leave a string of broken hearts and his inner bad boy will come out.


Love life
Good news, girls, Cody is single and ready to mingle.


Latest single ‘Wish U Were Here’

What’s it like? Despite sharing the name of 90s travel tv show, this sound is not about promoting tourism in other countries. It’s a love song about how much Cody misses someone and wishes they were with him and he tells her this over an toe-tappingly catchy rhythm and infectious ‘woah-oh-oh’s.

Does it have a rap in the middle?
Yes. Becky G of Cher Lloyd’s ‘Oath’ fame spits out lyrics in Cody’s single.

Who would win in a fight with a shark? Cody would put up a good fight and seems to be in quite good shape but our money is on the shark. Although, Cody could swim away.

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Carly Rae Jepsen


Despite resembling a possible classmate from Bieber’s past, Carly Rae Jepsen is actually 27!

Carly hales from Canada. Some other great Canadian exports include maple syrup, peanut butter, Ryan Reynolds, Drake, Ryan Gosling and the Biebs himself. We are booking flights to Canada as we speak.

Carly Rae even competed in Canadian Idol in 2007, finishing in third place and being beaten by Brian Melo (Remember him? We can’t either).



6/10. Carly has nice hair… Rebecca Ferguson nice though, not Little Mix-nice.

Carly Rae just sings, but she does sing pretty good songs, we’ll give her that.  We also learned from her ‘Call Me Maybe’ that washing cars is definitely not a skill of hers.

Carly Rae has been accused of stealing songs not once, but twice.  She was sued in October for nicking bits of a song for her track with Owl City and a pop star from the Ukraine has said ‘Call Me Maybe’ was made up of snippets from her tune without her permission.  Oooh! We guess it’s not always a ‘Good Time’ for Carly.

Carly is currently dating musician Matthew Koma, who could be mistaken for Carly, if he wore a wig and you squinted your eyes.

‘Tonight I’m Getting Over You’

This song is an uptempo post-breakup anthem and we’re sure Kelly Clarkson is kicking herself for not getting her paws on it first. This definitely nudges Carly Rae out of the ‘One Hit Wonder’ club.



No, but the techno pop beats more than make up for it.

We’re pretty sure Carly would be eaten by the shark, unless it’s on dry land.

Now that we have provided you with scientific facts, it’s up to you to make the decision.  Do you wish Cody was here all year round? Or maybe you think there is just no getting over Carly?

Results are in and Cody killed it winning 48% of the vote. Carly got 36% and Jaden Smith (our little curve ball) still managed 15%. Hurrah!

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