How not to interview Cara Delevingne by Good Morning Sacramento…

In an interview as part of the promotional trail for the eagerly anticipated coming of age movie ‘Paper Towns‘, Cara appearing via video link on Good Morning Sacramento, endured what turned in to one of the most awkward interviews we have ever seen!

Here is the first tip, never EVER greet one of the most famous faces in the world right now by calling her Carla. Then not acknowledge that you have called Cara Delevingne by the wrong name.

Just as you thought the major ‘AWKS’ moment was bad enough it got worse, much worse. Thankfully though Cara dealt with it like an absolute champion with a range of facial expressions and witty responses that have us saying ‘We feel your pain girl!’

When asked if she had read the book …


We admit we had to watch the interview behind our hands. Yes it is that painstakingly awkward, cringeworthy and completely inappropriate behaviour on the interviewer’s part.


Once the feed had been cut and Cara had been rescued from the torture the interviewers continued their take down by commenting on her being rude with one of them saying that she gets paid $5 million for 6 weeks work, she should essentially have less attitude.

PFT! Rude? We are surprised she didn’t walk off, maybe she should of then you wouldn’t of had the opportunity to tell her to grab a red bull and have a nap.

If you are brave enough here is the interview below.

YIKES we thought you guys were professionals. Well done girl for holding your own. We are proud of you.

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