Cara Delevingne speaks out about her battle with depression.

Our buddy with the beautiful eyebrows Cara Delevingne has recently opened up about her struggles with depression and anxiety.

Cara made a special appearance at the Women In The World Summit where she shared a very candid speech about the realities of living with depression. During the speech she shared a poem that she wrote during one of her darkest days fighting the illness.

Who am I? Who am I trying to be? Not myself, anyone but myself. Living in a fantasy to bury the reality, Making myself the mystery, A strong facade disguising the misery. Empty, but beyond the point of emptiness, Full to brim with fake confidence, A guard that will never be broken, Because I broke a long time ago. I’m hurting but don’t tell anyone. No one needs to know. Don’t show or you’ve failed. Always okay, always fine, always on show. The show must go on. It will never stop. The show must not go on, But I know it will. I give up. I give up giving up. I am lost. I don’t need to be saved, I need to be found.

Cara is not the first celebrity to speak out about struggling with mental illness. With the likes of Demi Lovato and Michael Clifford of 5SOS opening up about these issues, it makes us feel a little less alone.

Just remember, we’re all human and you should never feel ashamed about how you feel. If you or anyone you know needs help with any of the issues in this article please visit the Mind site for advice and support. 

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