7 things we can NEVER be bothered doing in the name of beauty

Sometimes, it’s hard to make an effort. Sometimes, it’s hard to even get out of bed on time. But in the NAME of BEAUTY, there are some things which we just straight up cannot be BOTHERED TO DO. EVER. UAAAAAGH!!!!


Even Hermione CBA.

We thought we’d take a look at some of these, so we can all give each other a nod of approval, and be like. YES. I TOO CBA.


(Maybe not).

Here are seven of our biggest beauty moans. We hope you can relate.

1. Shaving our legs

giphy (1)

IS THERE ANYTHING MORE BORING THAN SHAVING A LEG. Literally. And why do hairs grow back so quick? Why one minute do we feel like a barbie doll and the next like a Yeti? IT’S UNFAIR.

2. Waiting for false tan to dry


So we’re going on a big night out. We think – yeah, I’ll be a bronzed Goddess for one night only. So we whip out the old false tan.

We then smell like an odd biscuit and have to waddle around waiting for it to dry. We sometimes do a dance. But in secret obviously.

3. Washing our hair


Right, we can’t be the only one who thinks the whole hair washing debacle is just too much. The washing, the frothing up the shampoo, the conditioning, the putting a towel on your head, drying the hair, straightening the hair… UAGH! Can’t we ALL just LIVE IN GREASE?

Not really, that is absolutely revolting.

4. Plucking our eyebrows

giphy (2)

Another unfortunate bit of hair that just won’t stop growing. Wax it, pluck it, thread it – IT’S JUST ALWAYS THERE. And it hurts when you pluck. Just leave us alone.

5.Removing our make-up at the end of the night

giphy (3)

You know when you come back from a night out, put your PJs on, whip on Pretty Little Liars on your iPad, and snuggle down ready for bed…

And then it hits you.

You’ve still got your stupid make-up on. And suddenly taking it off seems like the most tasking thing in the entire world. Sure, you could climb Everest, but you can NOT take your make-up off. So you don’t. You sleep. And wake up with spots. And then want to cry.

6. Not touching anything with wet nails

giphy (4)

You’re three coats in on the nail varnish, and your nails are looking fly. Then your mate offers you a crisp. Oh why not? You think. So you carefully reach into the bag… WHAM. NAIL RUINED. HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN. Patience is a virtue. And something we evidently do not have.

7. Re-doing your eyeliner when you mess it up

giphy (5)

Trying to get that perfect wing is one of the hardest tasks you can ever face. You have to have the right balance, the right lighting and the right determination. So when you mess it up, naturally you’ll do all in your power to correct it. Or try and draw it on thicker. And then end up like a seriously bad Amy Winehouse. BUT IT’S MUCH BETTER THAN STARTING AGAIN, RIGHT!?

What grinds your gears in beauty? Let us know at @maximumpop!


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