Can dryer sheets really get rid of hair static? I put the beauty hack to the test

Here at MP! Style, we love finding out bizarre beauty hacks and putting them to the test. From using red lipstick as concealer to creating a full-face of make-up with it, we’re your one-stop shop for debunking and proving beauty

This week I’m putting another beauty hack to the ultimate test – using dryer sheets to eliminate hair frizz. Dryer sheets??? You mean those fabric-conditioning things you put in your tumble dryer? Yep.

The hack

Gently run dryer sheets over your brushes or hair to kill electric charges that have built up, thus eliminating those pesky flyaways. You can even rub them over your pillow before going to sleep for maximum static-free results.cover

I bought the cheapest ones available from Sainsbury’s because let’s be real, I am not about to fork out on pampering my hair with tumble dryer sheets. Basic b*tches unite.

I also didn’t rub them on my pillow before I slept because they smell seriously strong and I definitely feel like it would have irritated my skin sleeping on something so fragranced. But anyway…


I woke up like this. No, really, I did. I haven’t even brushed my hair because I want to properly test the power of dryer sheets. #dedicated


WOAH. Who is that totally transformed queen?

My hair has definitely been smoothed down and almost straightened, but I part of me is very dubious of whether I actually like having such flat hair.

Also if you look closely, I still actually have quite a few flyaways. Perhaps it’s because I used my beloved Tangle Teezer to brush my hair which is notoriously known for creating hair static.

The conclusion

Dryer sheets can help you tame your frizz but if you’re someone with fine or greasy hair in the first place, it can make your hair look rather flat and un-voluminous. It’s all up to your personal style really.

Have you ever tried using dryer sheets to battle hair static? Let us know how it went and share any other tips you have with a tweet to @maximumpop

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