Camilizers have done something UNBELIEVABLY sweet for Camila Cabello’s birthday!!!

Because she’s worth it

3rd March should be a national holiday! You know why?

‘Cause it’s only Camila Cabello‘s birthday!

We wanted to do something special for Queen Mila’s bday and we know how much she loves travelling and taking pictures in special places so, inspired by the Amélie movie, we decided to take Camila on a journey around the world!

We asked Camilizers all over the world to take a photo of themselves and THIS picture of Mila in their local city. For example:

And here’s the finished product!

One of Camila’s biggest fan accounts, CamilaCabelloBr, was the project organiser and seeing as the video turned out so well, we decided to sit down and discuss why the project was such as success.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

We are a group of fans, around 10 people, who have been with Camila ever since The X Factor, supporting her this whole way. The update account has five owners; it was created with the intention of having a space to keep all of these memories as well as to help informing Camila’s fans of what she has been up to. We have had a massive support of so many people – and some negative opinions as well – and we are grateful for everything. The CCBR team is like a family today and a great part of everyone’s day, and through it we have had the opportunity to meet and help so many people.

How long have you been a Harmonizer/Camilizer?

Most of us have been with Camila from the beginning (‘The X Factor’), and others met her during her career with Fifth Harmony. We all have in common a crazy amount of love and admiration for Camila and not only in a professional level. She is an amazing singer, but, most of all, she has a beautiful soul that captivates everyone around her. It wasn’t different with us.

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What inspired you to create @camilacabellobr?

Camila Cabello Brasil was an idea of many people, we were in a group and we thought about creating a Brazilian update account for Camila – at the time, there was none – and then we started developing on Twitter around the beginning of 2015. We’ve grown so much and expanded it, what started only on Twitter is also now on Instagram, Facebook and a website ( Some people ended up leaving our team and currently four of the creators are still working on the different platforms that we have.

What was your project idea? 

We wanted to make something special for Camila, but also different from the usual “Happy Birthday” sign. Therefore, inspired on The Roaming Gnome, we have come up with the idea to present different places around the world to Camila. As we can’t spend the day celebrating with her, we have asked fans to photograph a beautiful place where they would take her if they could.

What made you want to create this project? 

It went so much better than we expected! People were excited and, despite it being a time consuming project, we’ve gotten many submissions and, now that the video is live, a lot of positive feedback as well. 

How did it go? 

The project took on a much larger proportion than we initially imagined, thanks to Maximum Pop! We’ve received so many photos of different places around the world, all with its unique beauty. We have worked on the video with a Brazilian song that talks about this love for someone and love for the world – the song is called Itinerary. Camila has always been a person who loves to meet new places and we are very happy that we can introduce her or remember her of places she has visited.

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