Here’s how you can help your fave pop stars like Camila and Zayn overcome their anxiety issues

As you’ve probably heard, some of our fave pop stars like Camila Cabello and Zayn have recently hit the headlines for their struggles with anxiety.

It may seem strange that amazing world-conquering pop stars suffer with a disorder commonly associated with a lack of confidence but actually this is quite common among the super famous. They are under so much pressure from management and fans have such high expectations of them. It’s difficult to deliver night in night out.


Mental issues are often the most difficult to deal with because you have no control over them so we completely sympathise with our faves and we want to help! Here’s some ideas of what you can do:

1. Be understanding

When your fave stars have to take time out due to panic attacks, it’s important to look at it from their perspective. It’s impossible to perform when you’re overcome by worry and, although it’s disappointing when you don’t get to see your fave pop stars perform, it’s better than them endangering their long-term health.

Fight through your disappointment to show support for your faves. It’ll be better for you in the long term because your fave will stay happy and healthy and will continue performing for years to come.


2. Be actively supportive

When Camila walked off stage mid-performance a month due to anxiety issues, Harmonizers rallied to her side and made sure that the hashtag #PositivityForCamila trended on Twitter for hours. This fantastic display of support let’s your fave know that they are not alone and that their fans are not angry with them for taking time out.

Read more about #PositivityForCamila by clicking on the image below


Similarly when Zayn recently cancelled his gig in Dubai fans got #GetWellSoonZayn trending which surely was a great help to him.

Read more about Zayn’s feelings about his anxiety


3. Join and create fan projects

Usually when we think of fan projects it’s usually meet ups with other fans, but one thing you could do is start a fan project specifically dedicated to helping your fave deal with anxiety.

You could send positive messages, fanart, drawings, anything! MP! currently have some projects going on involving Christmas Books for The Vamps and Little Mix which would be great to check out for inspiration.


4. Remind them it’s OK not to be perfect

Pop stars are devastated to disappoint their fans, and this sadly adds to their suffering. But often the root of the problem is that they feel under pressure to be perfect all the time. People always have down days and pop stars are no different, but it is expected that they will give the same flawless performance night after night. That’s a lot of pressure.

What we can do to help ease this pressure is use social media to remind them that we don’t expect them to be anything else but human. Write a Tumblr post in support of your fave or even start a whole blog to support your fave and get your friends involved. Every little helps.


If you have any other ideas of how to support your fave or if you choose to do any of the ones we’ve suggested, we’d love to hear about it. Tweet us @MaximumPop.

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