Camila 5H says travelling is her favourite part of being famous. Must’ve been #5HUKInvasion that swayed her.

Is it any coincidence that after meeting us as part of the #5HUKInvasion Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello has said that travelling is her favourite thing about being famous? Probably but we’d like to think not and that it was all down to us.

That wink was one billion percent as us #bffls.
That wink was one billion percent as us #bffls.

Anyway, back to the point. Camila has said that travelling is her favourite part of her job and it was the UK that helped her discover that. WE KNEW IT WAS US!

She confessed her love for Maximum Pop! travelling in a very cute Instagram post once her and her bandmates had left good old Blighty.

UK, i think I've realized one of my favorite parts of this whole experience is getting to travel- getting to go to another world inside of our own :) i made so many memories on this trip that i'll remember when i'm 80 in my patio swingin in the rocking chair. the nandos (butterfly chicken and corn on the cob please), the London eye, the YOU. what a warm welcome by all of you guys there :) you made us feel so loved and were so polite and cuddly and taught me a bunch of slang words for me to use incorrectly, you bufftings. oh God i hope that's not inappropriate. PS, i will never forget going up on those risers and, like some sort of dream sequence in a movie, twirling around to look at a sea of 80,000 people and hearing our voices echo from all around. WHAT!!!! i will never forget it. any of it. and i have you to thank. as always ❤️ love you UK, see you very soon x

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Come back soon, you little bufftings (totally not inappropriate).

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