You need these esssential GIFs from Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘Bad Things’ music video in your life

It’s been two days since Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly dropped the video for ‘Bad Things’ and we still can’t stop watching.

The visual was just so much to handle that we’ve actually only just begun to start processing it in our brains.


Still getting there tbh.

The track has already peaked at No.28 in the US so it looks like it might even outpeak Mila’s collab with Shawn ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, which reached No.20. It’s already been No.1 on our MP! Top Ten for six weeks now!

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A lot of people are now shipping Machine Gun Kelly and Camila and tbh we’re down for it. They would be such a cute couple, but if they do get together we just hope it won’t end like this music video. We wish a little more peace for our beautiful angel than that!

To assist with your shipping, here is a multi-purpose GIF from the ‘Bad Things’ video. Btw our suggested ship name is Machine Gun Mila.


And here’s a whole load more GIFS because we can…

For when you’re thinking about doing bad things with bae.


Tbh this is just us passed out after a heavy night out, except we would have mascara running all down our faces…


Who Mi (-la)?


Wish she’d would stare at us like this.


Helpful Mila. She looks so petite and cute in this one.



Don’t piss her off tho.


For when you’re being possessed by the devil but you’re trying to style it out


One to use when the dumb, old world ain’t treatin’ us like the princess we know we are.


Us looking at the first essay question on our exam.


You can watch the full video here:

Let us know your fave moment from the video and whether you agree with our ship name using the comments box below.

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