You definitely won’t want to miss Cameron Dallas getting hot under the collar with James Corden

Ultimate comedy duo?

Oh Vine… we miss you. You made it so easy to binge watch loads of videos of cute guys doing stupid things. There is genuinely still a vine shaped hole in the Internet.

Still, James Corden is helping us access both of those things. Cameron Dallas, King of Vine and now YouTube too, appeared on James’s ‘The Late Late Show’ to take part in the ‘2 Minute Clothing Challenge’. You already know that combination is going to be amazing. Not familiar with Cameron Dallas? Watch the video below to see what we mean.

So yeah, he’s pretty funny. And not to mention, he’s cute too.

The basic gist of the challenge is that they’ve got two minutes to put on as many clothes as they can. James introduces the challenge:

“They’ve seen you shirtless, they’ve seen you pantless, and we here at The Late Late Show want to give your fans perhaps a different glimpse of you, and see you fully-clothed. Or as one would say, overly-clothed.”

We kind of just want to see this all in reverse, but you know…

You’ll definitely want to see who won in the video below.

More from these two, please!

Would you beat Cameron at this challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

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