The 5SOS fam are amazing. Check out the latest trend that proves #calumistheman

This week the 5SOS fandom got #Calumisthemanbecause trending, there was a LOT of tweets. All because our little man Calum Hood was feeling sad and Ashton was being the best guy ever and tweeted this to cheer our munchkin up.

Calum Hood truly is THE man and fans flocked to Twitter to tell everyone why, we’re sure it cheered Calum right up too! Without further ado, here are your reasons why he is the man.


1) He’s a loving family man

2) He has the sweetest smile ever

3) Get yourself a Calum who can do both

4) Calum’s love of music melts our hearts

5) Funny and talented, what more could you want?

6) The real inspo behind ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’

7) He came out the womb perfect, the end.

8) He’s honest, sweet and really cares about the fans

9) His laugh is precious, like a unicorn tear

10) He knows the fans are everything and cherishes each one

11) He is Calum Hood, that is all.

There are so many more reasons why #Calumistheman but we’d be here for days if we listed them all, feel free to tweet them over to us @maximumpop on Twitter, we love Calum. Calum is love. Calum is life.

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