Never say never. Calum Hood “I’ll get naked f*cking whenever.”

We have good news, very good news indeed, involving a certain 5 Seconds Of Summer lad. We’re talking about no other than Calum Hood, in 2014 he had a cheeky snap leaked of him from his Snapchat and he’s got something to say.giphy (90)

But have no fear because Calum has let us know that that may not be the last naked picture. Dun dun dunnnnnn. Calum spoke to Rolling Stone and expressed the insecurities he felt when the snaps first came out but has assured us now that he has no shame about the pictures.giphy (89)

Talking about the negative comments that came with the leaked snap “It kind of messed me up for a little bit. But I just slowly got over it. I’m a pretty free soul, so being naked isn’t like [a big deal]. I’ll get naked f*cking whenever.”giphy (91)

So great news, maybe there will be more Snapchats from Calum soon, maybe not but at least we don’t have to rule it out!

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