5 Seconds of Summer

You’re looking for facts about Calum from 5SOS:

  • Calum’s full name is Calum Thomas Hood [source]
  • Calum is single.
  • Calum is 18 and his birthday is the 25th of January, 1996 [source]
  • His star-sign is Aquarius
  • Calum has one sibling, a sister called Mali Koa Hood [source]
  • Calum is 6ft’2 tall. [source]
  • He has size 9 feet
  • Calum’s Twitter account is @Calum5SOS
  • Calum’s Instagram account is calumhood
  • His biggest celebrity crush ever is Katy Perry.
  • His favourite food is pizza, and his favourite topping is ham and pineapple.
  • He had his first kiss aged 13.
  • His favourite singer is Guy Sebastian, but it was Chris Brown when he was younger.
  • His favourite colour is baby blue.
  • His favourite childhood movie is Monsters Inc

Today you learnt about Calum from 5SOS.


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