Interview: Find out why YouTube’s best supergroup don’t hang out or have fun.

This week we caught up with YouTube’s best supergroup Cahoots to speak about their beginnings, their huge summer live shows and what they make of One Direction’s hiatus.cahoots

First of all we’re going to go right back to the start of Cahoots. The three of you met at London’s YouTube Space but how did it all come about that you would become a band?

Thomas: Basically our management that we’re currently with were there and they were interested in working with a long-term musical project based on YouTube and said if anybody’s interested then let us know and they had people they wanted to work with and it just happened that we were really getting on and we were open to the idea so we kind of jumped into bed with each other on the first date so to speak.

What drew the three of you to each other?

Currice: We didn’t know from the beginning because, to be honest, in the workshop we did at the YouTube Space we didn’t get to work with each other. We didn’t get much time to work with each other individually but just from the first day or two days since we began this project, we just got on so well between us that we just knew it was going to be easy and fun.

Thomas: There was that instant chemistry, we were just at ease with each other.

Matt: We all had sort of a similar vision as well of what we wanted from it so I think that helped.

Could you ever see yourself in a band before the idea of Cahoots came about?

Thomas: I’ve been in loads of bands.

Currice: Yeah, I think we’ve all be in loads of bands before this.

Thomas: I don’t think this would have been such a success if we hadn’t had the experience we’ve had in other bands. I’ve been in bands since I was eleven. I mean I couldn’t tell you how many I’ve been in. I also haven’t just been a singer or a guitarist in a band, I’ve been a drummer in a band, I’ve been a bass player in a band, I’ve been a guitarist/backing singer, I’ve been a frontman that doesn’t play guitar and all of those experiences that we’ve all had feed into this band.

As you’re obviously from Madrid, Currice, is it hard for the three of you to get together to record or do you make it work quite easily?

Currice: It is hard. We get together once, sometimes twice a month and we just have like three or four days to squeeze all the work in. It’s a pity because we don’t really get to chance to just hang out and have fun. It’s hard but at the same time it’s easy because we just make it easy.

Thomas: We do a lot of recording at home, we record our individual bits and send them to the producer who will then bunch them together and we’ll get back together and make the videos. A lot of it is done remotely.

You all originally began uploading solo covers to your individual YouTube channels. Was there any hesitation before you started uploading videos to YouTube? How long did it take you to get around to actually uploading a video?

Matt: I started doing YouTube videos with a friend before my own channel so that gave me the confidence to start my own channel. It’s quite nerve-wracking, you never know who’s going to watch your YouTube videos and what they’re going to comment but you just have to push and do it. If you really want to do something like that, you just have to go for it.

Currice: When I started doing covers, I was doing really badly but I’ve always been the type of person that doesn’t mind showing what he’s doing because I know that I like to improve and I can see where I started and where I am now and although I look back and say “Woah, that’s awful,” now I can see how much I’ve improved and it shows that if you keep working you’ll get better and better.

You are obviously a band that formed through YouTube and you still use that as one of your biggest platforms. If we were to make a girlband out of YouTubers and you were able to pick a member each, who would you choose and why?

Thomas: Daniela Andrade. I think she’s Canadian? She’s got the most sensational voice, she’s just so talented. I have no connection to her, I’ve never even met her, I’d love to sing with her, she’s fantastic.

Matt: There’s a girl from the UK called Sarah Close who’s really good, she has an amazing voice. She’s probably better as a solo artist but if I had to pick someone I’d choose her.

Thomas: I think Daniela’s the same, she’s better on her own but in the context she’s just so good.

Currice: I’m gonna go for United States, it’s a singer/songwriter and actor named Julian Smith and I think he’s…

Thomas: It’s supposed to be a girlband. You can pretend that’s because of a language barrier but really he’s just an idiot.

Currice: There’s someone from Spain called Bely Basarte and she’s a very, very talented girl. I love her.

This summer you’ve had a couple of really big live shows. You supported Conor Maynard at Thorpe Park Island Beats and we saw you opening Capital FM’s Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium. How were those shows for you?

Thomas: Phenomenal.

Matt: They were just incredible, weren’t they?

Thomas: Especially Wembley Stadium, it was utterly incredible. It was just unfathomably ridiculous. It was just insane.

Matt: We got very lucky.

Who else on the Summertime Ball line-up is the act that you brag about performing alongside the most?

Matt: For me it’s One Direction because they were literally on after us which couldn’t have been better timing.

Thomas: Yeah, plus they’re the biggest band in the world right now. So it’s mad to say “I’ve played a gig with the biggest band in the world.” It’s pretty cool.

Currice: I also liked Olly Murs.

Thomas: He was probably my favourite performer of the day. I didn’t expect so much from Olly Murs, I don’t know why, but he just blew everyone out of the water and other performers who you expected quite a lot from didn’t deliver anywhere near as much as he did.

You’ve released a string of really catchy, fun pop songs now but which has been your favourite to record?

Currice: I will say the one that we’ve just recorded and will be released at the end of September.

Thomas: We’ve just recorded a song called ‘Better Days’ and we’ve just had the master back and we LOVE IT.

Matt: You’ve got that to look forward to, we’re teasing you.

Are you working on an album for release anytime soon or are you just taking it slowly with the singles at the moment?

Thomas: We’ve released a single once a month since we became  a band in February so I think the idea is to at the end of the year put them all together as an album, maybe put an extra couple of bonus tracks on it.

A YouTube star that is killing it musically is Troye Sivan. Have you had a chance to listen to his new EP yet? What are you making of it?

Matt: I’ve heard ‘Wild’ and I’ve actually just released a cover of that on YouTube. It’s just such a good song, I really love it. I love the style he’s gone for. You never know with YouTube artists, sometimes you get really disappointed because their covers are so good and then their original stuff is just average but his is great.

Another YouTube band that have done really well are Only The Young who obviously did really well on The X Factor last year, is that a route you would ever consider taking?

Matt: Mikey’s actually one of my friends. I did X Factor a couple of years ago, it was a great experience but maybe not for us. I think it’s primarily an entertainment show and then talent kind of comes second, at least that’s the impression I got from it. It was great to see how it worked from the inside though.

Are there any other YouTube musicians you’d like to collaborate with?

Thomas: I would love to work with Pomplamoose who are a duo from the United States and they’re just a phenomenally pair of musicians and they just have the most creative music videos, they’ve got a huge following. Jack Conte, the guy in Pomplamoose actually started Patreon which is a great service that I use as well as lots of other YouTube musicians. He’s a lovely guy, I’ve chatted to him on Skype quite a bit but I would love to got to America and record some music with them.

Currice: I would say Kurt Schneider, he’s amazing. That guy is so talented. I would love to work with him.

Matt: I was going to say that same thing, Kurt Schneider.

Obviously the biggest news in pop right now is that One Direction will be taking a hiatus next year. Fifth Harmony have said that they allow each other to work on their own personal projects to avoid a situation like One Direction’s, as you’ve all come from individual backgrounds do you think you’ll take the Fifth Harmony approach and give each other time to do your own things as well?

Thomas: We’ve been doing that. We started the band with the idea that we’d all continue working on our solo projects so, essentially, our workload is just doubled when we’re with the band because we continue pushing our solo things just as hard as we were and now we also have the band’s stuff too. I think it’s great for us because it keeps things fresh and we’re continuing to feed things into the band. We’re excited about what each other are doing and we respect each other and what each other’s creative craft and that way we have space to breathe as artists.

Finally, will your fans have a chance to catch you on tour any time soon?

Thomas: There’s nothing firmed up yet but it’s safe to say that that is something we would love to do.

Matt: It would be so much fun to go on our own tour.

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