Here’s why everyone can’t help but be ecstatically happy that Busted are back!

Loyal fans have waited 13 years to hear hose sacred words and last Friday it felt like we could truly shout them from the rooftops.

Busted have finally released their third (ONLY THIRD???!!!) album ‘Night Driver’ and we are struggling to cope with life.

Lead single ‘On What You’re On’ is a lush take on 80’s synthpop with enough personality to make it pure Busted.

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And the band’s stellar performance on last night’s ‘X Factor’ results show only helped to cement their epic comeback. It feels like they’ve calculated this one just right and we couldn’t be happier.

People on Twitter seem to be going crazy for Busted’s new sound and we can’t help but agree…

Here’s the top five reasons why we’re excited that Busted are back:

5. Charlie’s intense stare and square AF jaw

That jaw has gotten more square in 13 years , we swear.


4. James is now all the keytar goals

Forget the fact that you’d never heard of a keytar before one line ago, you needed a keytar in your life. You just didn’t know it ’til now.


3. They’ve swapped punk-pop for brooding synths and it does things to us. 



2. But they still know how to make sweet love to those guitars…


1. And the best thing about it is… THEY LOOK LIKE THEY’RE HAVING THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES. 


And who would begrudge them that?

Let us know how excited you are that Busted are back by leaving a comment below.

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