We tried the bullet journal pinterest hacks actually worth your time

The beautiful thing about bullet journals is that each one is individual and tailored to your own needs. Starting a bullet journal can up your organisation game in no time but it can be a little overwhelming and busy once you get stuck in.

We’re forever seeing hacks floating around on Pinterest and the interwebs but how many of them are actually worth your time? We’re not convinced everything is worth the effort tbh but, never fear, we’ve found (and self tested) the few that are!

Now there’s no need to trawl through hundreds and hundreds of pins to find these all important few. We got you boo.


In case you’re not entirely sure what a bullet journal is we recommend you check out this post to begin with. Warning: you’re about to become hella obsessed.

We’ve personally be at it for almost a year now but we’re still always looking for ways to make the system easier and adapt it for what we need. Would you believe we’d not thought of doing some of this stuff already though?!

First of all, if you keep any kind of journal or physical notepad on you you’ll know of the number #1 struggle: never having a pen.

Seriously, no matter how many biros or #feministaf pencils we stick in our bag we’ll never be able to find one when we need to jot down that all important idea before we forget it.

Alas, we’ve discovered a solution! And one that doesn’t involve buying those fancy pen loops to stick in your journal.


Check it out. By taking the elasticated strap that closes the journal and twisting it diagonally from one side to the other it creates a secure little pen loop at the side for you to keep track of those all important writing tools.

And best of all? Totally free and takes only a second to do.

We only implemented this a few days ago and we’re already thanking the gods for its usefulness. Hallelujah!

Next up, and we’ve seen a few bujo inspo Instagrams doing this one, is the foldout key.


This hack is perfect for those just starting out or those, like us, who have a ridiculously hard time remembering what colour different tasks are supposed to be.

Okay so we don’t have short-term memory loss but our memory is seriously bad.

The complications of the bullet journal logging system is often what puts people off from starting their own but we reckon with a fold out key that could be pretty much all solved?

Honestly, flicking back to where we’ve written out our key on the first page isn’t that difficult, but this fold out saves us a lot of time. Time we can spend doing other things, like binge watching ‘Stranger Things’.

All you need is a bit of card, a pen to draw your key on, and a bit of sellotape to stick it onto the inside cover. Simple! And it can easily save you minutes in your day.

Speaking of saving time, we’ve got a bunch more hacks that’ll make it easier than ever to flick back to where you want in your journal.

One you can try is monthly tabs to pinpoint where different months start.


How simple, right? These ones we did aren’t the neatest but it just shows you can totally do this yourself without any fancy pants sticky tabs. Just a scrap of paper and colouring pens!

If you want something more subtle, how about running a strip of washi tape across a page and over onto the other side. We picked out some cute dancing pug tape for September:


By using one piece of tape folded over two pages it creates a tab like effect on the page once the journal is closed. Like this:


It’s a much less obvious look than the tabs that stick out but we reckon we prefer this one because the tabs won’t get scuffed or rip when our journal is hanging out in our bag.

Plus you can see part of the design on the page edges so it’s easy to figure out what month is month – providing you can remember where you assigned the dancing pug tape and whether you’re giving the pumpkin washi to October or November.

For smaller threads than a whole month, we just discovered this method the bullet journal community calls threading. You use it when you start a series on one page but then when you’ve filled up the first page you need to continue it on a different page further in.

For instance, we used it on our blog schedule pages:


The last time we dedicated a page to this was on pg.49 but we’ve continued more recently on pg.89. Since a lot of our post ideas can be posted whenever it was super helpful to start this threading process so we could easily flick to the next page without having to refer back to the index.

We used an arrow to show ‘go forward to 89’ and a dot to show ‘last on 49’, a pretty sound method.

If you’d rather just stick to your index though we’ve also found some super helpful organisation tips for that too. Check it out:


Use a left align for monthly headers like we’ve done for our September spreads and then indent everything strictly applicable to that month: the monthly overview, habit trackers, daily logs and anything else you might add in.

If you have something that is more general and not just about September, left align that, as we’ve done with our blog schedule page.

You can also add an extra level of ease by colour coding this. Atm we’ve got the blue going on but if we switched to red for October next month it’d be easier to see months at a glance when looking at the index.

You can thank us later.

Need some more convincing a bullet journal is 100% worth your time? Well, all your faves are already doing it:

Find bullet journal masters like Dodie Clark and Carrie Hope Fletcher in our Snapchat directory.

What do you think about these bullet journal Pinterest hacks? Let us know @maximumpopbooks which you think would be most helpful for you.

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