7 brutal reminders that you’re an adult now

We all know the feeling: one minute you’re 16, sitting your GCSEs, and then the next second you have bills and budgets and a whole manner of ‘adult’ things to take care of.

Um, who gave us all this responsibility?! Here are 7 brutal reminders that you’re a fully fledged adult now.

1. You’re ill and you have to book your own doctor’s appointment

Let’s face it, most of us would rather take our chances and risk death than having to do the dreaded phone call to the doctor’s office. A quick, simply, easy task seems oh-so-terrifying to the newly-christened adult. This is probably why we just don’t go anymore unless we really, really have to.

2. Sleep in late? No one is around to wake you up

If you were extra lucky growing up, your Mum was always around to be your own personalised alarm clock. There was no sleeping in if we had an important exam the next morning – she’d make sure we were up, dressed, fed and raring to go! Now we’ve only got ourselves to reply on, yikes.

3. Household essentials are a thing, and they need buying

As far as we were concerned, things like bleach, toothpaste, toilet roll, washing up liquid etc. just bought themselves. Who knew you actually had to go out to the shops and BUY them???

4. Bills bills bills

Pay day used to be a day of celebration and shopping spree splurges but now your money comes in and goes out on the same day. Damn those bills! We’ll be lucky if we have two spare pennies to rub together at the end of the day.

5. Learning how to do laundry

The clothes fairy did all this before, right? How else did all our dirty clothes get from the laundry basket and back into our wardrobe, folded and clean? There’s no greater feeling than the first time you put a wash on and everything comes back out the same colour and size that it went in.

6. Spontaneity seems to be a thing of the past

No more waking up at 11am to a text message inviting you for an impromptu day at the seaside. No more last minute cinema dates or trips to play mini golf. We’re working 8 hours a day during the week and when we’re NOT working we kind of just want to laze around and de-stress.

7. Budgets are no fun but they have to be done

Honestly, we don’t really know how much we should be setting aside for food each month but we’ll give our budget a damn good go at least. Inevitably, we will go over, but hopefully we can learn from our mistakes and preferably NOT dip into the oh-so-tempting overdraft.

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