Brooklyn Nine Nine is back on E4 and better than ever

Jake Peralta and co are back for another season of our favourite sitcom and this season looks… EPIC.


Season 2 left us with hella cliffhangers, but fear not because it’s less than a week until we get all our answers. Incase you missed it, let’s recap the major stories we need conclusions to.

Jake started the season coming back from being undercover and had to disappear again briefly to find an escaped perp. And then Jake dated a District Attorney, which was basically a big no no.

And Amy dated the most boring cop to ever exist. It’s safe to say that didn’t last long either. And then Jake and Amy finally kissed but does this mean they’ll finally get together?b99-kiss-3Rosa got her own task force to deal with a street drug named Giggle Pig, and it all went very well. Rosa is also dating Captain Holt’s nephew Marcus, so we’ll see what happens with that flourishing romance in season 3.tumblr_nhoqysuNT11t0l6i3o2_400As for the season long rivalry between Captain Holt and bureau chief Madeline Wuntch? Captain Holt has been dodging a promotion for months and has finally been defeated by his superiors and relocated to PR.holt-5Gina hooked up with Charles briefly and shamefully. They quickly moved on from their charade when they had to persuade Terry to stay at the precinct and keep his job. Gina also followed Captain Holt and moved to PR.tumblr_nd0748r1XW1sm8qcpo1_500And then we left the squad waiting for their new Captain (Bill Hader) to arrive…

See what happens next with the precinct on Thursday’s at 9pm on E4! NINE-NINNNEEEE!

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Written by Hannah Lovejoy

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