Brooklyn Nine Nine Recap: Yippie Kayak

This week at the Nine Nine was Christmas. (In February? We know #UKProblems.) There was a lot of drams but Jake got to live his dream. Keep reading to catch up…


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for S3 E10.

Jake has been pretty caught up in trying to impress Amy recently, and forgot to get Charles a Christmas present. Jake asks Gina to help him find a present for Charles. And of course she agreed to help.


Charles over hears their conversation and insists he comes along, thinking that Jake forgot to get Amy a present and not him… Awks.


They arrive at a department store in Brooklyn but it’s closing. So they sneak in around the back. Once they’re inside they realise that there’s a hostage situation… Jake is a bit excited because he’s in a real life ‘Die Hard’ situation. (It’s Jake’s fave film.)


Meanwhile Rosa and Captain Holt are going for a polar bear swim, which is basically just swimming in the sea in winter. (Why would anyone do this?) And Amy invites herself along, seeing it as a challenge.


Jake and Charles were unarmed and had to look after Gina, but she had her own agenda obvs.


Once Gina is taken as a hostage, Jake and Charles make a Die Hard-esque plan to take down the robbers one by one.

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As they go for their big finale, they get caught out by the criminal ring leader. And Jake sacrifices his John McClane moment so that Charles was safe… Friendship goals!


Guess who was overseeing the entire situation from the outside…


But it’s okay because Terry sorted The Vulture out…


And then he arrested the gang. All the hostages were released, and Gina even got the chance to do this.


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