Brooklyn Nine Nine Recap: The Swedes

Another week, another ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine‘ recap. And this week we learnt a lot more about our fave cops on the block. Keep reading to find out what we learnt. tumblr_nz0g0xxmQ71s3dykto1_250WARNING: This article contains spoilers for S3 E9.

It all started at the Nine Nine this week with Jake christening the new snack machine because you know… Priorities. tumblr_o1e9vcUdcZ1s2b7wso1_250 tumblr_o1e9vcUdcZ1s2b7wso3_250 tumblr_o1e9vcUdcZ1s2b7wso4_250 tumblr_o1e9vcUdcZ1s2b7wso2_250Jake welcomed the snack machine to the precinct, by smashing a bottle of champagne against it. And then this happened… (We’re sorry for your loss Hitchcock and Scully!)tumblr_nz5vwmRP4F1uo6pjyo1_250 tumblr_nz5vwmRP4F1uo6pjyo2_250Meanwhile Gina has an astronomy test that she needs to take to pass her college degree. But obvs Gina is struggling to study, so Amy and Terry try to inspire her. First off Terry tried to bring his gym buddy in, Neil deGrasse Tyson one of the world leading astrophysicists. tumblr_nz0qojtnpw1uo6pjyo10_250 tumblr_nz342q0FwR1tvj3c1o1_500When that doesn’t work out Amy and Terry tried to dance out astronomy for Gina, because Gina speaks dance right?tumblr_nz9dnq2bCl1uo6pjyo1_500 tumblr_nz9dnq2bCl1uo6pjyo2_500 tumblr_nz9dnq2bCl1uo6pjyo3_500 Elsewhere Jake and Rosa are working together on a case, and they’ve even got visitors. The Swedes. Soren (Anders Holm) and Agneta (Riki Lindhome) are two Swedish cops who have flown into Brooklyn to help them bust a diamond-heist ring. The Swedes are a bit weird and extremely friendly with one another…tumblr_inline_nza0ilBMtl1qjz4jr_500Jake is also trying to think of an anniversary gift for Amy and he confides in Rosa, because Charles wasn’t exactly helpful…tumblr_nyyvboVezr1rq49qyo1_500 tumblr_nyyvboVezr1rq49qyo2_500Rosa also tells Jake about her break up with Marcus even though it happened a few episodes ago. And after seeing how disgustingly close their Swede counterparts are, Jake is pretty upset. So he attempts to bond with Rosa during the case.tumblr_nz69ehdVsT1s3dykto3_250 tumblr_nz69ehdVsT1s3dykto2_250 tumblr_nz69ehdVsT1s3dykto1_250 tumblr_nz69ehdVsT1s3dykto4_250Despite the drams they work it out, and Rosa suggests that Jake should take Amy to an all night library. (Can we come?) She even plucks up the courage to tell Jake she has a new boyfriend. Bless, friendship goals.

As for Captain Holt? He’s asked Charles to be his partner in a squash tournament because his husband is in Paris. And Charles is quite the squash player apparently… 200_sAfter trash talking the other teams and snapping a few rackets in half, they win the trophy. But they are also banned from competing in the tournament ever again. Oh Boyle.

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