MP! Exclusive: Brooklyn Beckham told us that he gets advice from THIS ‘Riverdale’ superstar

Brooklyn is about to be your new fave

It’s safe to say that Brooklyn Beckham is a pretty big deal, right now. With over 10 million Instagram followers, everyone’s talking about him. Even our grandmas know who he is! It’s amazing and has definitely boost their cool-factor up to 463829.

We recently had a natter to Brooklyn about his brand new photography book, ‘What I See’. It’s out now and is basically a hardback version of Brooklyn’s Instagram account.

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Brooklyn spoke to us about his photography style and the secret to achieving an Insta-ready snap. He also revealed what it was like being pals with one of the biggest stars on ‘Riverdale’.

Hey Brooklyn! What was the first photo you ever took? Tell us the story behind it?

The first photo I took was a portrait of my brother Romeo. I set him against a white background and afterwards I added contrast to make his face stand out.

So, when did you first realise you had a desire to be a photographer? Do you feel it’s possible for anyone to be one?

I think I first realised that I really wanted to be a photographer when I got my GCSE photography results. I got a A* and I was so happy and it went on from there. I just have a natural tendency to want to capture everything I see on camera.

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We can’t help but notice that you’re a fan of the slightly moody, grainy, black and white shot on Instagram. Would you characterise this as your photography style?

I love both colour and black and white – but I guess I prefer black and white grainy photographs because it achieves more of a street style.

Is there a secret to achieving the perfect black and white shot?

There is no secret, really. I just shoot a ton of photos and I play around with them until I am happy.

What photo do you wish you had taken?

The Bruce Weber of Leonardo DiCaprio with a heart.

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And if you could photograph anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

I would have loved to photograph James Dean. He was just the ultimate in talent, looks, style.

So moving onto Instagram, the video you posted of Salt Bae was brilliant. Do you have a favourite meme?

Thanks. I really want to go to his restaurant. I don’t have a favourite meme.

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We love the mash up you posted on Instagram of you skating over Ella Fitzgerald. What are the last 5 songs you listened to on Spotify?

I don’t know exactly the last five songs – but love Ella Fitzgerald, The Stone Roses, Oasis, and The Police.

According to one of your videos, cats are scared of cucumbers but we put a cucumber in front of a cat the other day and he seemed quite happy about it… Any idea why?


It’s a fact mum.

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Right now for the serious question… are you a fan of the dog filter on Snapchat?

No I think it’s ridiculous…

Fair enough, you’re also pals with Cole Sprouse. How did you two meet? Has he inspired you at all or given you any photography advice?

He is a lovely and really talented dude and I’m proud to call him a friend. We give each other advice!

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And lastly, obviously you’ve got a powerful mum, who’s renowned for growing her own business as well as looking after her family. What lessons have you learnt from her?

Both my parents always taught us to be nice to people and be humble and grateful for every opportunity. She told me about the women’s march and once we started talking about it I guess it did inspire me to support it.

‘What I See’ by Brooklyn Beckham is published on 29th June by Penguin Random House UK in hardback, priced £16.99.

To celebrate publication Brooklyn will be meeting fans at 3 book signings; Manchester on 30th June, Liverpool on 1st July and London on 2nd July. For full details please visit

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