Alarm Pop: Britney Spears – ‘Work Bitch’

When you hear this in the club, you’re gonna turn this *BLEEP* up. Welcome to a very special Britney Spears themed Alarm Pop which sees us mark the return of one of Pop’s biggest Goddesses! (WARNING: This edition of Alarm Pop is puntastic)

Ms. Spears has hit us ‘Baby, One More Time’ with another massive pop tune – how ‘Lucky’ are we!? The new track ‘Work Bitch’, is a dead cert to become one of the biggest hits of the autumn with ‘Scream & Shout’ collaborator claiming  rights on the production, and he’s twisted that nob of his (not like that) to bring us a club anthem in the making… “Oops! he did it again”.

You might not be able to understand what Britney is singing ‘sometimes’ but does that matter when the track is as catchy as this one is? You’ll probably find yourself shouting “RING THE ALARM! You better work bitch” ’till the world ends’.

Now instead of reading our commentary, why don’t you ‘Do Somethin’ and check the song out for yourself? Be warned though, you’ll be shouting ‘Gimme More’ by the end of it!

And if you love it that much, then ‘Work Bitch’ is available now on iTunes the world over… apart from the UK, of course!

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