Britney Spears is counting down to something. POP BITS

POP BITS. We love a good online countdown here at MP! Towers and have to say we haven’t been this excited since Girls Aloud launched their ‘Ten’ reunion tour in a similar fashion. But now, after weeks of anticipation, Britney Spears is ALMOST ready to announce her musical rebirth.

Brit’s official website has been replaced with a countdown, with strapline “All Eyes On Me”, we’re unsure whether this is a clue to something, perhaps a new single or album title or maybe she’s just referencing her 2008 single ‘Circus’, remember that one?

We haven’t a clue what’s going on here but we’re excited nevertheless and all will be revealed in 27 days, 21 hours, 56 minutes and 17 seconds (at the time of writing). Rest assured that we will keep you updated on any new information we receive. POP BITS OUT.

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