11 things only British people who love to drink tea would understand

Ah, tea. It’s something us Brits love and we are proud that this is a stereotype that is actually true. It’s what our country runs on. If you’re a tea drinker, you should read on because we can guarantee you’ll relate to these.

1. That moment when someone asks if you’d like a cup


What sort of question is that? Of course we do! Stick the kettle on.

2. The absolute insult when someone makes a cup of tea and puts the milk in first

what the fuck

What sort of monster does that?!

3. Wanting the head of the waiter on a plate when you taste the pathetic excuse of tea when you’re abroad


We don’t know what you call this, my friend, but it is not tea.

4. The tragedy when your biscuit breaks when you dunk for that split second too long


We mourn the loss of what would have been a delicious moment in our life.

5. That intense operation of getting the perfect amount of milk


It’s one of life’s most stressful tasks.

6. That bonehead mistake when you put the kettle on, pour a cup and turns out you didn’t actually plug the kettle in



7. Using any situation in life as an excuse to stick the kettle on


Auntie’s pregnant? Kettle on. Someone died? Kettle on. Stressed? Kettle on. Won the lottery? Kettle on.

8. Feeling like Wills and Kate when you are treated to using an actual teapot or quaint cup and saucer

tea cup

It feels like you’re in a much higher class compared to all these other peasants.

9. When you leave your tea to cool while it’s too hot but end up forgetting about it, so it goes cold



10. The horrific taste when someone makes you a cuppa but gets the formula wrong

tea spit


11. The satisfying feeling when you’re pouring a brew and knowing the beautiful moment that lies ahead


Pure bliss.

Have anymore relatable tea moments we should know about? Tweet us @maximumpop and we’ll read them over a brew.

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