The winner is… Song Off: JLS vs One Direction vs The Wanted

You’ve all heard the big news by now – JLS, The Wanted and One Direction are all going to head to head for Best British Single at this year’s Brit Awards! The Brits aren’t announced for another month but we hastily constructed our own boyband face-off by comparing the three songs and seeing who would come out on top. Our results showed that The Wanted had the most chance of taking the Brit home, but then we decided to throw the poll open to all of you – keep reading to find out what YOU decided…

After voting in your hundereds, we can reveal that if the whole thing was up to you guys then One Direction would be winning the award for their debut single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. Interesting! We’ll have to wait a little bit longer to find out who will actually win Best British Single, but read our experiment below and then leave a comment to tell us who YOU think should win and why…

The contenders:

The Wanted: ‘Glad You Came’

One Direction: ‘What Makes You Beautiful’

JLS: ‘She Makes Me Wanna’

Category One: Best use of “oh, oh, oh’s”

TW: Less of an “oh” and more a “whoah” but impressive none-the-less.

1D: “You don’t know oh-oh-oh” – A professional boyband “oh” if we ever did hear one, it’s like they’ve been doing this for as long as Westlife. And there’s clapping…

JLS: Two seconds in, the “oh’s” start and they don’t stop for 3 minutes and 38 seconds. Aston’s ad-libbed “oh’s” at 1 min 23 seconds get an honorary mention.

The Winner: JLS

Category Two: Best chorus

1D: Grown-up words like “overwhelmed” and the fact that we still flip our hair EVERYTIME we hear that line make this one of the best pop choruses of 2011.

TW: Not many 2 syllable words in there but it’s so damn catchy! We always find ourselves humming the chorus long after the glow sticks have been packed away.

JLS: Simple but effective. Replacing words with “oh’s” makes it easy for us to sing along, even if we’ve had a pint of the grown-up stuff.

The Winner: TW

Category Three: Best solo

TW: Max kicks the song off and all the lads get their turn but Nathan half singing half chanting the best line of the song (“You cast a spell on me, spell on me; You hit me like the sky fell on me, fell on me”) is priceless.

1D: Remember when Harry messed up his solo bit when the boys performed on X Factor and we still loved it? Those 15 seconds are arguably what’s made Harry the Mark Owen of the band. We mean that in a good way.

JLS: So someone calls Dev hijacks the song for a few seconds but the real solo we’re talking about is Aston, watch the video for the full effect – the spinning on top of a rock is a treat.

The Winner: 1D

Category Four: Best video

TW: Nearly ten seconds of smouldering stares/gormless looks kick things off before a dodgy dad shuffle on the dance-floor from Jay. Also includes a high nipple count, a fancy boat and kerazy cliff jumping.

1D: TW have a better beach and there’s a distinct lack of nipples BUT they do get a car and if  you position your chair and screen at the right angle it’s like Harry is singing straight at you in his solo.

JLS: The neon trousers beat 1D’s chinos hands down and Aston’s nipples barely leave the screen. There’s a beach in this one too but JLS obviously have sand allergies as they stick to the stage.

The Winner: TW

The award goes to… The Wanted! We know there’ll be indignant tears – so go on, tell us what you think. Do you agree with us, should JLS or 1D take the crown instead or should the Brit Awards organisers just avoid a mass riot and call it a three-way tie?

Don’t forget to cast your votes where they officially count – over on the Brit Awards website. Also up against the boy bands are acts like Jessie J, Adele  and Pixie Lott.


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