Zalfie, burping pop stars and rainbow dogs: Here’s why Brighton Pride is the best place on earth

Some experiences you just never forget and one of them is Brighton Pride. We’re a million percent sure that it’s the happiest, most free and most love-filled day in the world and that’s something that everybody should grab a piece of at least once in their life. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s why everybody’s going crazy over Brighton Pride:

1. The Parade

From cheeky to emotional to downright insane, Brighton Pride parade is a sight to behold

2. The outfits

The imagination of some people is literally unbelievable. You have to be so creative to put some of these costumes together… and brave to wear them all day in the blazing sun.

@brightonprideofficial #brighton #brightonpride #brightpride2016 #gayevents #gayfriends #brightonandhove

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@brightonprideofficial #brighton #brightonpride #brightpride2016 #gayevents #gayfriends #brightonandhove

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3. It comes YouTuber approved!

Zalfie, Joe Sugg, Mark Ferris and Evan Edinger all enjoyed the delights of Brighton Pride together this year! Next year you’ll have to come and spot them with us.

Dance partners for life

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Having a ball at #brightonpride

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4. It brings out everyone’s wild side

Us falling in love deeper with Anne-Marie as she promotes binge-drinking and burps on stage like a sailor.

Here’s the full video of her downing the bottle of WKD and burping her face off. You go girl!

5. It brings the stars out

MP! is in this sweaty, sweaty crowd somewhere…


That can never be a bad thing.

7. The love and acceptance

True dat

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That’s it! We’re going into hibernation until next year. Tweet us @maximumpop if you came to Brighton Pride and loved it and also if, after seeing this, you have decided you HAVE to go next year.

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